Gastrobit Smart Solutions

SMART.pos is an application designed to operate at the point of sale. Its simple design does not require too much computer knowledge. The application supports work on standard computer screens, but it achieves full functionality and speed only in combination with touchscreens (monitors with touchscreen modules). SmartPOS users will deal with all customer demands as quickly as possible, issue an R1 invoice or a transfer order, approve consumption without charge (representation), transfer the consumption from one table to another, take partial or full care of the invoicing, give orders to the chef, etc. You can add items to your meal and beverage, pick a variety of choices from the menu or the daily specials, and if there is something in the system that you haven’t defined, don’t worry – with SmartPOS you can even send the chef the orders that you wrote on the screen with your finger!

smart pos is the roof application of the SmartSolutions system. This powerful application for the central system of your data allows you to define a large number of various options, to define offered items, the address book of your customers and suppliers, the making of all necessary document, communication with the central database, to define business obligations, as well as a vast number of overviews, graphic results and reports which will help you make excellent business decisions in the shortest possible time. By using SmartOffice you are able to monitor realization by all possible parameters, buyers, and even define your own loyalty program with different prices depending on the customers.

smart office

SMART.hotel is our latest application designed for running entire hotel businesses. In addition to the possibility to monitor guest reservations on the timeline in real time, it also allows the overview of occupancy. Also, SmartHotel is closely integrated with all our other applications so that every intake is registered through SmartPOS and evident in the system as pertaining to a guest. This allows for total fee payment together with hotel services.

smart hotel

You want to have control over your business at all times, even when you’re out of the office or on a trip? We offer you that with our application accessible from any modern device with Internet access (smartphone, tablet, laptop…)
To check on your personnel, you no longer have to be on location. At all times be able to see if the invoices are issued properly, which tables are free, which items have been sold, what ways of payment were used, daily profit, profit from the previous period, detailed profit for every operator, last unpaid invoices…

smart mobile

SMART.cook is an application designed for the bar and kitchen personnel. By using this application, your chef is at any time able to see the orders, normatives or even complete menu maps with a photograph of your meal the way you imagined it.
Also, your chefs and bartenders are at all times able to notify the waiter about the status of the order and the time it takes to complete its processing. When using this application in facilities with daily selection of dishes, your waiters are always informed as to which dishes and how many of them are left for serving, and also how long it will take to prepare a new dish, etc.

smart cook

SMART.order is an application designed to connect ORDERMAN ® wireless terminals in the SmartSolutions system. It is mostly applied to catering facilities with higher work frequency or with a terrace that is separated from the bar or kitchen. It is almost entirely possible to transfer the functionality of SmartPOS application to the ORDERMAN wireless terminal. UsingSmartORDER and ORDERMAN system, your waiters will be quicker in serving, misunderstandings when ordering will be eliminated, the bartender or the chef can be unburdened, and just like in the SmartPOS application, if the guest has a specific and undefined request, you will be able to manually send a message to the bar or the kitchen. Depending on the equipment that you install, your waiters will no longer have to pace to the register. Using SmartORDER you are able to issue an invoice on the spot, at the guest’s table, on a small wireless ORDERMAN belt printer! This way, the guest, who has finished his consumation, doesn’t need to nervously wait to pay, and your table will be ready for new guests in no time.

smart order