Bose DS 16
Bose DS 16
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Bose DXA 2120
Bose FS 3 bass module
Bose FS 3 module
Bose IZA 190
Bose IZA 2120
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Bose ZA 2120
Bose FS 3
Bose FS 3 surface

Bose Professional

Bose® background/foreground loudspeakers are designed for a wide range of commercial audio applications, including retail shops, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, conference rooms, bars and health clubs. Models are available for surface, flush-ceiling, pendant and in-ground mounting, for both indoor and outdoor installed applications. Bose Professional background/foreground loudspeakers provide premium sound quality to enhance the customer experience for retail and hospitality venues, with a brand that your customers recognize and value.

For background/foreground music and paging applications, Bose® FreeSpace® integrated zone amplifiers elevates the audio experience when using FreeSpace® loudspeakers. Optimized for commercial applications, FreeSpace IZA amplifiers feature selectable Loudspeaker EQ to enrich audio quality, Opti-voice® paging for clear speech intelligibility while providing seamless transitions and Dynamic EQ that ensures full and balanced music at any volume level.

Bose® FreeSpace® zone amplifiers are designed to provide basic amplification and sound system expansion when using front-end Bose® products, such as FreeSpace® integrated zone amplifiers and ControlSpace® engineered sound processors.