• I called but no one answered!
  • I sent an email three days ago!
  • I’m almost certain my colleague called!
  • Yesterday they were, no, no, the day before yesterday…
  • The third, fourth time the same thing happens to us!
  • They only brought the materials yesterday!
  • Looks like someone fixed it, but we didn’t get to let you know because of the crowd…
  • I’ll check now and let you know!
  • Looks like we didn’t understand each other very well!
  • No one answered us!
  • We keep records in one excel…

FTS – Fratello Ticketing SystemFTS

is a set of applications for reporting and logging problems and consists of:

  • FTS Desktop
  • FTS Mobile
  • FTS Monitor

FTS – View report with graphical displayIzvestaji

  • By execution priority
  • By type of intervention
  • By employees
  • By execution time